Tete a tete with Amritraj Bora

GoodMorning people,

In my quest for designers who are bold, know to how play with designs, aren’t in the same club of designing prints and excessive bling, I stumbled upon AmritRaj Bora. When I came to know that he is from North east, I became all the more excited and left no stone unturned to get an interview from him.  AmritRaj bora established the Brand “Amrit”. Instead of being over the top and blingly, Amrit’s collection is all about being subtle and classy. He strongly believes that powerful dressing lies in the simplicity and intricate but classy designs. He is fast growing to be one of the favorite designers of Bollywood. The fashion diva ,Malaika Arora Khan  was recently spotted in the designers attire and so was Esha Gupta, Mugdha Godse, Sonal Chauhan and many others.

On a  tete-a-tete with the designer and here’s what he had to say about his brand, his upbringing, his future collection and his dream of designing for Lady Gaga

CNC: Idea Behind Amrit 

Amrit: A vision to create beautiful clothes was the idea behind the label, I ve always been enamoured by couture and intend to translate my dreams through my designs.
CNC: Tell us about your upbringing and how being from north east helped or hindered your progress.
Amrit: I had a very healthy upbringing, my parents allowed me to think on my own and i always had a breathing space and that’s how I am today, very liberated. I don’t think coming from anywhere is a hindrance or a support, at the end of the day it all comes down to how hard you work and how passionate you are.
CNC:  What is The Unique Identity of your brand.
Amrit: I would rather say the the beauty of the brand is its timelessness.
CNC:  Tell us about your new collection.
Amrit: Right now I m working on a collection inspired by festivity and grandeur, I love working on intricate embroidery, hand work and that’s what’s pre dominant in this collection as well.
CNC:  Give us some fashion tips.

Amrit: Don’t over accessorize, a statement piece is enough, know your body type and invest in a great pair of shoe

CNC:  Did you work under someone or was it your own venture?
Amrit: It’s my very first own venture, I have worked for a fashion export house where I have designed samples for Chloe, McQ for Alexander McQueen and Dolce and Gabbana etc.
CNC: The one person you would love to design for?
  Amrit: I think Florence Welch will look good in my clothes and it will be a full circle the day I design for Lady Gaga.
 CNC: What’s the sexiest thing a woman can carry?
  Amrit: A lot of confidence and the right fitted clothes.
CNC: Glamorous or subtle? What’s your take.
  Amrit: Both, depending on the occasion.
CNC: Give one advice to our readers:
Amrit: Believe in the power of your own instincts and dreams, listen to no one definition on how to live your life.
AmritRaj is also designing for the contestant of Miss India World 2013. Here’s a sneak peak:
I browsed through his collection and was amazed by the simplicity of his collection. He currently houses his collection in the designer hub of delhi, Shahpurjat.
Hope you guys like it,
Ragini Varma
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