Shopping Review: Aaraa by Avantika

Goodevening ladies,

The festive season is on and the streets are filled with bright , beautiful lights. The mithaiwalas are busy preparing scrumptious sweets to fulfill the demands of unrelenting customers. Also the kids have started there own diwali party by bursting crackers and creating a riot of lights and colors around them.  So during this beautiful festival, it would be apt to bring in some beautiful jewelry your way.

I stumbled upon Aaraa by Avantika when I was searching for some fine jewelry and I was simply blown away. The designs are intricate and beautiful and the work is stunning and simply marvelous. Each and every piece is a complete masterpiece in itself. They have beautiful contemporary jewelry which lights up any outfit. The rich colors, the gorgeous designs and the way each piece molds to tell a story in itself is mind blowing.

In a Tete-a-tete with Avantika, the beautiful brain behind “Aara”, Here’s what she has to say:

CnC: Tell us the story behind “Aaraa By Avantika“.

–> The label ‘Aaraa by Avantika’ came into existence to capture the art of ornamentation and adornment in a very contemporary style. The motive here was to do something beyond the usual and conventional idea of jewelry and accessories prevalent today. The design language has a strong confluence of the Indian art, culture and traditions while keeping in mind the needs of an stylish, urbane and individualistic woman of today. The mainstay of ‘Aaraa by Avantika’ is that all our products our handmade with lot of love and care. Hence most products created by us are one-of-a-kind with limited numbers. We use a lot of traditional crafts to design and create our products and aim to provide them a global platform.

CnC:  So you single handedly started this?

–> Aaraa by Avantika’ was started off single handedly by me, all alone behind its wheel. Over the year since it was founded, with a lot of hard work and patience the brand has now grown into a close knitted family of my kaarigars (craftsmen) and my team Aaraa.

CnC: Tell us a secret which no one knows about you.

–>Well if open up the secret about me, it wont be a secret anymore! ;)

CnC: Give us some quirky advice for our readers?

–> My quirky advice to the readers would be – Primarily keeping personal comfort in mind, wear your attitude on your sleeve! That is something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Do not overdo things, keep it simple and accessorize your look strongly. It could be done with one hell of a belt, purse, bold neck piece or even a pair of shoes! Also confidence is the key to everything – A must have!!

CnC: Thoughts about being a Woman Entrepreneur:

–>Being a Woman Entrepreneur, especially in a country like India can be quite challenging, where men do take some time to accept the authority of a woman. Personally this journey for me has been quite enthralling and has helped me strike a balance between work and home. Everyday has a new learning. From handling household chores to meeting the professional deadlines, the experiences as a woman entrepreneur have been a very fulfilling one! I couldn’t have done it with out the support of my family and friends.

Some photos from the beautiful collection and also the charming Avantika!





So I am in need of serious retail therapy now. The question isn’t what are going to buy, the question is what are you going to leave?

You can check out here facebook page here: “AaRaa by Avantika

Amazing Collection!

Kudos !


Ragini Varma

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