Rite Bite Nutrition Bars

Hola to all my beautiful readers.

After taking a long sabbatical from blogging, I am back with a lot of good news. I will soon be revamping the entire website and will hopefully try to include  new shopping tricks and tips, online shopping gyan which help you evolve as a smart(er) shopper, will bring you crazy designers to shop with and much much more.

So today we will be reviewing the absolutely delicious nutrition bar sent across by the wonderful people at Rite Bite . RITE BITE Nutrition bars are my on-the-go protein bars whenever I feel hungry but don’t want to indulge in heavy snacks or something oily. Morever they taste amazing so it’s a win- win. So, Rite Bite has introduced three amazing  nutrition bars, Easy Slim, Easy Immune and Easy Calm.


All the bars have distinct flavors and are filled with natural herbs like tulsi, Ashwagandha, Amla, Ginger etc.

The Easy Immune Nutrition Bar:

This healthy nutrition bar is a mix of tulsi, lemonbalm, amla and ginger. The bar has an aftertaste of ginger and honey. With 182 calories in one protein bar, I am not a great fan of this particular one. I did give it a miss, but with people who prefer more natural taste in your diet, this one is definitely for you.

The Easy Slim Nutrition Bar:

This one is by far my favourite. This has some pretty good antioxidants like green tea in it along with guggul, yerba mate and garcinia. It has a crunchy feel and tastes like a chocolate bar and is filling too. Definitely recommend this one. It has 178 calories in one bar.

The Easy Calm Nutrition Bar:

The Easy calm Nutrition bar is made of ashwagandha, passion flower and tulsi. This  one has a dark chocolate flavor. Some people might find it to be slightly bitter in taste. This has 209 calories in one protein bar. You can have it if you prefer the taste of dark chocolates.

All the nutrition bars are gluten free, prebiotic and have no added sugar, therefore one can easily replace your daily dose of sweets/mithai and can be your pick when you want to reduce hunger pangs without guilt.

Note: I received free samples of RiteBite Eazy Herbal Bars for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.



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