Online Shopping Review: The Rummage

Goood Evening people,

Today I bring to you an online store, The Rummage. Founded by two gorgeous girls , Sneh Sapru and Sanchi Chada, The Rummage houses beautiful bags, clutches, jewelry and kitchsy umbrellas and more. Armed with a degree in mass communication and always in love with fashion. the pretty girls decided to follow their true calling and start something in fashion e-retail.

When asked what is the Unique Identity of their company, here’s what they had to reply. “We take sourcing very seriously. You’ll always find exclusive and curated stuff at the rummage. For us it’s not so much about quantity, its more about selling trends we really think work. So you may never find 1000 kinds of products, but you’ll always find 10 really nice pieces”.    Instead of joining the race  of 9-5 jobs, these girls followed their dream and started something of their own.  They advice our young readers to follow their dreams and not be scared of what they want. It’s good try instead of just giving up (Point noted).

We asked them if it was difficult being a female entrepreneur and here’s what they had to say, “The great part about being a woman is that you’re always multi-tasking. Even in your head at any point of time there are at least 10 random thoughts at work. This is really a natural gift for business. You can work on 10 things at a time and its really not tough at all

Here are some products from their collection:
Woah! I am totally impressed by the work these girls do, being a female entrepreneur and following your dream is not an easy job, Yet! These girls do it with ease. P.S How cool is that umbrella! In my wish list NOW. Check out their collection at Or go to their website at Cheers, Ragini Varma
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