Online Shopping: Can’t Have Too Many

Gooooodevening people,

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to everyone! I really really really wish I was in Mumbai today. The festivities, the air, the color, the city! Everything is magical today. And not to forget the awesome dance moves one gets to witness on the roads, streets and bylanes. Dhin-ka Chika!

So I am sure you guys want to shop and shop some more. So, I bring to you Can’t Have Too Many. An online store with a perfect name because honestly even if we have a wardrobe full of clothes, we can’t have enough.  We will always have space(even if we have no money) to buy more shoes, bags,clothes or accessories. The story of “Can’t Have Too Many ” is simple. Two big cities, two different girls, both end up in Mumbai, become room mates and share the vision of starting something new and fresh. (Therefore becoming a messiah to all the damsel in  distress).

Aayushi and Niharika with a “passion” of loving “fashion “(That rhymes! :D), started this store which houses very chic and super affordable pieces. What I absolutely loved about their collection is that it’s not stereotyped. You have flirty dresses, sexy shorts, bright neon colors and subtle palettes. There is everything for everyone. They even outsource the coolest accessories and customize garments, so in case you want something, just send them a picture and they will take care of it. (how cool is that?). These girls are super confident and have this to say  “We are good at what we do, We say that with a lot of pride”

One advice they would like to give our readers is that “One should try to get out of our comfort zone and have fun in whatever little we have. Be confident enough and let your clothes do the magic”










Check out their store here: Can’t Have Too Many.

Yet another beautiful store. Pocket friendly and amazing collection.

Ya ya! You all are welcome


Ragini Varma

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