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Goodmorning people,

There are some cities I simply love, while Mumbai tops the list, Kolkata reminds me of my childhood. My maternal grandparents are from Kolkata and I have vivid memories of being fed (Nopes! I don’t have complain about food) all sort of delicacies. And since I have  a major tooth, I loved devouring all the rasgullas, gulab jamuns, jalebi, gud sandesh. Food orgasm?(:D)

So today, we have a beautiful brand from the land of Kolkata, ironically named the Howrah Bridge. My best friend coudn’t stop talking about this brand so I had to check it out MYSELF and I loved it. Founded by Anupriya DG, The prints are fresh and refreshing, you have vibrant colors, chasma print (My favourite) jackets, cushion covers, neon and monochrome(mixed into one) Tops, fun kurtis and Indian prints with a modern twist.  I took the oppurtunity to interview the founder of Howrah Bridge and here’s what she had to say.

CnC: What is the idea behind Howrah Bridge?
A – Way back in 2011, I had this sudden phase of a passion for brooches. I used to search high & low for pretty, funky, cute, quirky brooches or pins that could jazz up any plain outfit. I realized the dearth of good brooches in the Indian market, both local & online, and felt compelled to order them from international shopping portals. That’s when, one fine day, I decided to start making brooches – handmade ones crafted with fabric, felt, leather, charms, beads, buttons, so on & so forth. This line of brooches were the very first products under the brand name of Howrah Bridge, which slowly expanded to include other accessories, home décor & clothes.
CnC:. Is this a group venture or a single effort?
A – Howrah Bridge was born out of a passion for creativity & an yearning for being my own boss! I left my 9 to 5 corporate job as a Visual Merchandiser for one of the retail giants of the country to start my own venture where I hold all positions – right from designer to manager to accountant to business representative to marketing personnel – et all!!

CnC:. How is it different from other online stores?

A – Well…firstly, I have not yet opened any official ‘online store’ for Howrah Bridge. I stock my products at various multi-designer outlets throughout cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Also, I sell through numerous online shopping portals, but again multi-designer ones. As for my own online store, well…the Howrah Bridge Facebook page is more than enough for now! I receive online orders from not only different parts of India, but abroad too, through my Facebook page, which is regularly updated with details of our fun & quirky products – clothes, home décor & accessories that are perfect for spicing up outfits, wardrobes & even homes!!! Our funky prints & vibrant color stories form the major attraction and the fact that we do custom-make stuff in sizes, styles & colors preferred by the client just makes it all the more awesome!
CnC: Give us some quirky advice for our readers.
A – When it comes to fashion, you are what you wear – so embrace the most vibrant of hues & craziest of prints, add a liberal dose of attitude & strut out in style to make heads turn!!!
The collection is superb, the founder is gorgeous.
Check out their page at Howrah Bridge
Hope you guys like it!
Ragini Varma
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