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GooodAfternooon People,

So what do girls want? Well. That’s a rhetorical question ofcourse, still I wanted to know. What do we want? Apart from tall, dark handsome  man (add some british accent too), some free margaritas, a spa at our disposal, the waxing aunty available 24*7, WHAT MORE DO WE WANT?

I will tell you! Being a girl, I would want clothes, really nice , awesome clothes at my disposal. I want a magic wardrobe which transforms me from the girl next door to the sexy siren in a few minutes. And I want the clothes to be in my budget. HelllO!!! I am no celebrity or a politician who will have cash or credit cards or a swiss bank account [;)] for me to just pick a stack and go shopping. And that is when my beautiful people, I , your angel comes to rescue. I bring you superb sites for  shopping which won’t give you a hole in your pocket.

One of my absolute favorite store, Blush  is an online store which is surprisingly affordable. Started by two pretty girls Amna and Harshita,These girls juggled between completing their masters and managing their online store. Blush is their answer to the woes faced by all girls who don’t have enough clothes for any occasion. They have handpicked their clothes from various export houses across India and Abroad and can also make the replicas of designer masterpieces -Indian and western alike. Be it the nerd who prefers a simple top or the siren who likes to flaunt her legs, there is everything for everyone. Blush was started to give the ultimate fashion experience to all fashionistas out there and it strives to provide the perfect ensemble for the perfect you. These girls have put their heart, mind and soul in making BLUSH a success.  For them pink is not a color, but a way of life.



Kudos to their never ending zeal and passion for starting something from scratch and then working on it to make it a huge success.

You can check out their facebook page here : BLUSH

and Their Website here :

Go. Shop. Now.


Ragini Varma


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