Online Review: Blueprint Coleccion

Whats upppppppp all you beautiful people?

Today I have  BluePrint Coleccion, a brand founded by two sisters Divya and Navya. The duo packed with ample amount of energy launched their collection in 2011 and since then have come a long way. Their latest collection on the lines of “Alice in the wonderland” is quirky and fun. Since you all know my penchant for prints, I for one love this store. The prints are fun and they hold an understated elegance. The pieces are wearable and classy.

Excerpts from the interview:

The idea behind Blueprint Coleccion :  Every design requires a sketch, which is also called a ‘Blueprint’ and that became the name of our label. All objects of desire come in an assortment of forms. But the best form can best be associated with the sense of sight. And this is where Blueprint makes it’s mark. Our label is a high-quality, high style shopping experience that caters. A fashion house that defines cosmopolitan glamour – a blend of classic sophistication and urban luxury.

The Unique Identity of your Company: We have a flair for putting together and pulling off, the most sleek and basic styles denoting a penchant for functionality,simplicity and class.

Some quirky advice for our readers:  MAD” is the call of the season. So we will give you some mad advice instead.Fashion has no rules, so go ahead and try something totally insane. Believe in yourself and you’re sure to come out looking like a million bucks. Be mad. Stay mad. Cause all the best people are! :-)






Love the fun collection ! Can’t wait to own a few of these pieces.

Hope you guys like it,


Ragini Varma

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