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Hello people,

I love prints and to be honest I am damn bored of the regular cow, fan, camera print doing the rounds of almost every store. So, for a change, we have a store will offers beautiful printed tops, jackets, dresses, etc. Azraa was started by two best friends Sunayana and Rajni, both of who possess different skill sets and leverage it to the best of the company’s advantage. The designing of the clothes is done by both of them. Azraa gives you an option of customizing or choosing from their collection.

Excerpts from the Interview:

CnC: What is the Idea behind your brand?

Azraa:  Azraa was created to break the monotony from their daily lives and pursue something both of them believed in. In today’s world and age, every individual looks to express themselves in their own individualistic way. It’s all about finding your own self and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Azraa signifies that deep desire to create and express oneself.

CnC: What is Unique Identity of your company

Azraa: Being from diverse backgrounds and having no prior experience in clothing and merchandising, they make an extra effort at keeping their ensembles simple but classy. What worries most girls nowadays is how fashionable clothes hurt the pocket. However, at Azraa, they believe in reversing the trend. With affordable pricing, they make dressing up fun while keeping it fashionable.

CnC: Give us some quirky advice for our readers.

Azraa: We are no gurus to give advice, but you could maybe take a leap of faith and believe in being comfortable in your own skin rather than being dolled up with the clothes we see in the fashion weeks’. They are great fashion and creativity, no doubt, but hey, don’t we live in an extremely practical world?Come find yourself with us! :)




When people are going crazy with the high street styling, its nice to see refreshing prints for a change! I need to go shopping!!!

Azraa is currently sells their stuff on Shop InOnit

Hope you guys like it!



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