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Gooodevening Ladies,

I am a late sleeper,I usually don’t sleep before 3 in the morning, so I was pleasantly surprised,when I saw a mail addressed by someone, asking for my homE address and promising me two gorgeous bags . I rubbed my eyes twice, making sure I was awake, STill considering  it as some scam or joke, I opened the link of the shop which housed those bags and did a super mithun dance (yeah! I went all Disco Deewaaaane, AAAhhhaa COMplete with pelvic thrusts), turns out, there exists an amazing shop called “Pink Orange” whose co-founder Ramneek reminds me of myself. Crazy, Optimistic and In love With Life. Also, she has a habit of reading mails, sending them and apologizing all on ungodly hours( Which I don’t mind at all, but she still manages to apologize).

I have only ever spoken to her over emails and I love her quirky, chirpy self. Firstly I love the name of her shop,”Pink Orange“, it is just as awesome as “classy and fabulous”, “Calvin and Hobbes” and “Chai and Cheese”(Her words! Who AM I to disagree?;)). Pink Orange is glamorous, hip, it has a vintage charm, it has a sex and city vibe. You might want to be Kate Middelton or Anne Hathaway of Devil Wears Prada(After the makeover;)), these bags can transform you to whichever character you desire. They encompass all dimensions of beautiful Arm Candies, making you the center of attraction where ever you go.

In Tete-a-Tete with Ramneek,(Co-founder Pink Orange)

 CNC: “Pink Orange?” . Sounds Crazy, Tell us “Your Story”?

Sheena is a stylist by education & passion and has been independently designing bags for 6 years now. I am a MBA by education, designer by passion and marketeer & now (finally) a designer by profession. Having known each other for 9  years now and always bonding over loving bags the most from all things girl love, we both decided to get together and pool in all our ‘mental’ & ‘creative’ resources and start designing & manufacturing bags. We love bags. Always have. Always will. No outfit will ever be complete without a bag. As consumers we often used to find a huge dearth in unique, designer, good quality stylish bags at the right prices. Either everything was too generic or too expensive and boring. We wanted to buys bags that excited us and made us feel unique but could not find such bags.

At Pink Orange we aim to design and make bags that make every girl feel unique. We aim to give girls bags that are stylish and yet not expensive. We aim to give them good quality and trendy designs. We aim to give them designs and styles that will fashionably take them to the next level. We aim to excite them with our designs.Bags are our passion. We aim to make something special. We first imagine what we want to make in terms of something with a character and a name and then get designing. All our bags have their names & stories and are truly special for us.

CNC: Give us some quirky advice for our readers.

—> Never pick one! Pick two! Chai & Cheese? Pink & Orange? Classy and Fabulous? Need I say more? :P ( Now also known as the guru mantra)

CNC: Naughty or nice?                                                                                                                   

–> Killing them with niceness is our style ;)

CNC: Thoughts about being a Woman Entrepreneur

–> It is definitely not just a man’s world anymore. Things are changing. Women are accepted not just in the corporate chairs but as entrepreneurs running their own businesses as well. We are not completely living in an equality of sexes world but are on the way. It is sometimes more difficult to get your work done and frustrating when some people do not take you seriously because of your gender. You have to sometimes try harder to make people understand that you mean business but we have learnt to take it in our stride and have developed some amazing patience. Ultimately your work does speak for you and in this cut-throat competitive world, gender does take a back seat and good work comes to forefront.

CNC: Best and worst dressed woman in Bollywood. (No diplomatic answers pls ;)].

–> Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and lately Kangna Ranaut (there is something which has completely changed about her for the good!)

Worst– Mallika Sherawat, Amisha Patel (we wonder what happened to her after KNPH), Aishwarya Rai (lately every outfit she wears seems to be wrong) and Vidya Balan

CNC: Eye candy according to you (Bollywood or Hollywood)

–> Too difficult to choose one! There are so many yummy men out there ;)

Ryan Gosling, Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter from Suits) and Ranbir Kapoor (especially after Batameez Dil & Balam Pichkari).


P.S All she had to say was Gabriel Macht, I think she is my bff already. ;)

Presenting , the awesome collection and the beautiful founders Ramneek and Sheena,








Don’t you love these bags? Go check out their page now and get home some super sexy bags for yourself.
Check out their Page here: “Pink Orange“. Don’t forget the check out the extremely funny names given to all the bags, also known as the founders babies. ;)
Hope you like ‘em, coz I love these bags,
Ragini Varma
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