Modcloth and Chai and Cheese

Hello People,

I have this small soft corner for vintage clothing. Whenever I can, I try to visit some boutiques which houses clothes from the bygone erA and try to find something which can flatter my figure, A Polka dot vintage dress or a circle skirt or something rock-a-rolla . But now a days, it is so damn difficult to find a shop which houses such beautiful dresses.  So when I found MODCLOTH, I knew my prayers have been answered. This online boutique houses some gorgeous clothes. Think Polka Dot Bikini, Tea Party Skirts, flared bottoms and more.You can choose your clothing from the 60’s 70’s 80’s or the 90’s making you look svelte and oh! so sexy.

So, when the good people from MODCOTH got in touch with me to create an entire outfit ensemble, I jumped at the offer.

I created a “Vivacious in Vogue” outfit using this beautiful “Vivacious and Vibrant Dress in Nior” . When I saw this dress, I wanted the entire outfit to be created around a modern and chic look. This being such a versatile dress, you can carry it through the day. For The night, skip the belt and layer a  necklace or pair up with a chic cardigan, swipe on some red hot lipstick and you are good to go.

Below is the outfit I created,

photo                                        Watch: Buy / Heels: Buy / Bag: Buy / Sunglasses: Buy /Belt : Buy/Ring: Buy / Earrings: Buy


Also, I have included some beautiful pieces I personally love and want to own ASAP from Modcloth.

1. Layered Cupcakes Dress

photo 2


2.  Atop the Staircase Dress

photo 3


3. Gingham Skort

photo 1


4.  Romper

photo 4


5. Velo there top

photo 5

6. Bleach Blanket swimwear (Seriously, how cute is this ?)


The above were some of my favorites from MODCLOTH. With such a wide variety of shoes, accessories and clothing, one is left spellbound with the choices.

PS Love how they name their products! Creativity at it’s best.

SO what are you waiting for people, start shopping now.

Till Then,

Stay stylish,.


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