Leather Jackets and Summer Dresses.

Hello Beautiful People,

Firstly wishing you all a very happy and crazy  new year. Hope you have an year ahead! My motto for this new year is to be fit! I had an amazing time last year, when I has shredded kilos, but still miles to go before I become fit. I urge all of you to include any form of exercise in your routine this year. This year, love yourself. Life freely. No more wearing blacks, no more ditching horizontal stripes, no more clicking pictures with a certain angel [Yeah! We all do that]. This year be fit! And fit doesn’t necessarily mean skinny, fit means having a healthy body. Bring out the drama in you! Be the queen you always wanted to be, Let the spotlight be on you. Throw anyone who lets you down, out of your life.

So, I wanted to utilize my summer dress in winters, I am wearing a champagne draped dress with my favorite leather jacket , accompanied by skull studded clutch and burgundy heels.  Owning a leather jacket is like making a good investment, THIS trend is bound to come back again. Also, I somehow feel real bad ass while wearing one. For a feminine look, wear your leather jacket with sleek dress.You can also use your summer dresses in winter by pairing them up with long jackets and stockings.






Live for yourself people, life is too short to hold grudges or take insults. Take one day at a time and be your queen.

Be the Victor Not the Victim, You are gorgeous, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Ragini Varma



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