Koovs and Me

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Shirt Dress: Mango. Jeans: Mango. Top: UCB, Shoes: Thrifted. Neck Piece: Koovs


It has been a while since I posted on my blog, I know I have been MIA because I have been super busy preparing for my wedding. (YA! All that Jazz 😉 ). So, in between shopping, eating and trying to lose weight, I got no time to blog. But, if you guys have been following me on Instagram   you will know what I have been upto. (kind of).

Moving on, Today’s outfit of the day consists of White denim jeans , white top and this beautiful shirt dress which I have worn as an open Jacket. Style is all about experimenting with what you already own. Say, I am becoming more mature when it comes to shopping.  ;).

As for the outfit details, carrying a full white outfit can become tricky for people on the heavier side of the scale, so I decided to give it a color break through my shirt dress (Worn as cape/jacket) . Also, I have come to love MANGO as a brand, though I find the prices a bit on the higher side, the quality of the fabric is mind blowing. These white jeans as well as the shirt dress is from Mango. The Tshirt is from UCB.

The neck piece is from Koovs. When I first saw it I was attracted to it’s sheer beauty. Accessorizing is very important and one can turn any dull outfit into a sassy style just by accessorizing right. I love the big bright golden loop neck lace. Style Tip: Wear it with any plain jersey/a-line dress with a round neck or wear it with a shirt to transform a dull look into a sexy one.

Winter is almost here and it’s time to dig into your closet, bring out your warm clothes and snuggle into your loved one’s arms . Have a great weekend ahead.

Till then, Stay Stylish.

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8 thoughts on “Koovs and Me”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Ragini … You looks very pretty i liked how you carry everything.. Specially liked golden loop neck lace.. One more thing congrats for wedding.. Followed you.

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  2. love the outfit. love the neck piece. You look gorgeous :)

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  3. Lovely outfit. Loved the neck piece. You look gorgeous. :)

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