ChaiandCheese for India Circus

Gooodevening people,

Since I was a kid, I had this small obsession with colors. I just couldn’t have enough of crayons. I practically had it in all shapes and sizes. Whenever someone asked what would I want, my immediate answer would be a box of crayons. But it was not because I had some brilliant artistic skills, on the contrary I was pathetic when it came to drawing. I can’t even draw an apple to save my life.  Also, I would throw a huge tantrum whenever my mom made me wear black or white. It had to be a colorful outfit. (Yes! I love govinda’s dressing as well).

So, when the team from India Circus came up with the suggestion of a collaboration, who was I to say No.  We all are familiar with the magical canvas that is India Circus. Krsna Mehta, the creative director of India Circus reflects the rich heritage of India in his designs. His canvas captures the vibrant and dramatic  auto rickshaws to the rajasthani turban clad moustache man. He doesn’t limit his creativity to fashion only, there are vibrant kolhapuri printed bow ties , quirky socks, handbangs, wall hangings, iphone covers, digital printed cushion covers and the list goes on.

It was so damn difficult for me to chose from a such a varied and beautiful collection . It was like I am a kid in a beautiful colorful fair and they have asked me to chose my favorite ride.  If you people are following me on Instagram you must be aware that I chose this beautiful Ikat print Vest (Picture below). I love the simplicity of this vest and coudn’t wait to do an outfit post and share it with you guys.

Also, a huge hug and a BIGGGG Thank you to Uddhav Goenka for capturing the perfect look and also for making me look beautiful. You are a sweetheart.






Ikat Print Vest: India Circus // Blue Maxi Dress: // Sandals: Flea Market.

I know your palms are twitching and you want to grab that card and start shopping. PS : They have got Super Sale going on now.

Happy Shoppping.


Ragini Varma


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