Bags I love: The Peacock Plume Bags


So Happy Birthday to Krishna Kanhaiya!! I read a facebook status message somewhere and had to re post it,

“Radha on the dance floor,

Radha Likes to party,

Radha likes to move it,

Coz It’s krishna’s birthday party!”

Don’t make faces! I found it cute. Anyways moving on, this is a late night post because I couldn’t wait to show off my peacock plume bag. This Masaba Print bag just took my breath away. You know that feeling when you fall in love with something at the first sight? Well, that’s what happened with this bag. One look and all I could think was when am I going to own it? So I created a very basic look to let my bag stand out. Oh! And can You see how Proud I am flaunting it? You can have your own at The Peacock Plume Bags. Also the founder, Mitali Parekh is a super sweet girl and I simply love her bags. (P.S I own two bags of  The Peacock Plume Bags. Yayiee).

Moving on, the models? My two super crazy friends Prateek Gujral and Aditya Kulharia. I coaxed them to sport a 70′s hairstyle and give me a serious look while shooting this piece. They being the super awesome people  they are, obliged ! A bit about them, both of them are crazy, trance lovers, the best friends you could ask for, always there when you need them. ANY damn girl will be lucky to be their friend because they won’t let you down and will give you princess treatment ALWAYS.  And yeah ladies, One of them is single.. ;). Keep guessing who!!

So, without much ado my beloved bag and My super beloved Friends!


Special Thank you to Anirudh Kariwala for being a super awesome photographer and bearing with all the drama we were throwing your way.

Hope you guys like it,


Ragini Varma

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