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Hello People,

This post is for people who don’ t understand what chai and cheese is all about. This is for our new readers , old readers and people who are generally interested in knowing what I do.

Firstly, the name amuses the hell out of everyone. This is not a food blog! I can’t cook to save my life, the only thing I know how to cook is maggie (if that counts).

I am extremely proud of the fact that I am a girl, a woman in the making. I was always treated as an equal in my family when I was compared to my brother. If I had to be home at a particular time , so did he. More often than not, My father addressed me as “beta”. Being a woman is a gift I would forever be thankful for. We are all sexy as hell and we don’t realize it. We succumb to the pressure of society and the norms it has created and supposedly defined a “beautiful” lady. I have been curvy throughout my life and honestly I don’t given a damn about it. Sure I have had my moments when I wished I could have an awesome figure to fit in a particular dress but that was long forgotten when a bowl of chocolate ice cream was presented and I gleefully ate it all(without sharing! Mind it). I want every woman out there to celebrate what she is. You may be petite, you may be curvy, you might hide your beautiful eyes under spectacles, you may not have fair skin But for me each and everyone of you is beautiful beyond comprehension.

Chai and Cheese was started to promote womanhood. When I started this I asked my friends to send me pictures. I don’t know any celebrity, all the people who have featured in this blog are common people you meet at colleges or bus stops. Not everyone owns a Jimmy Choo or a Vera Vang. But we do own kolhapuris and have an uber strong quality of bargaining. I  aim to make you a celebrity in my own way. I will weave a story around you and show the world how beautiful you are. None of that will be glossy or photoshopped. It will be You, in your raw form.

I will do online reviews of e-commerce sites so that You don’t have to waste your time searching for what you want. This platform will enable you to go to a particular site, browse and shop. I want to promote upcoming designers . India has got immense talent and not everyone has the patience or time to browse through various shopping sites, so Chai and Cheese is here to help you with that dilemma.

Most importantly I want to promote North East India. We have beautiful girls out here with a fashion sense to die for. We have amazing music taste and No! We don’t give a rat’s ass about how we are discriminated by people throughout India.

About me:


I am a small town girl.  No I am not a chinki (as people outside north east like to call us), I am a super voluptuous Marwari girl. Born and brought up in Dibrugarh, Assam. Completed college from Mumbai, went to work at Infosys and now the marketing manager of my tea estate. I love my roots, I love being a girl.

Remember:  “I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants — Whitney Houston”

Love ,

Ragini Varma m/ a.k.a Varma