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Goodevening ladies,

90% of time is alloted to finding the best clothing/accessorize/footwear stores for my loyal readers. Today I am damn happy to introduce a chic store , which houses some gorgeous collection of dresses. Inspired by the TV SHOW Gossip Girl , XOXO is fun, flirty and charmingly sexy. Started by Neti Jolly and a friend XOXO is a collection of amazingly designed clothes which brings out the adorable diva or the sexy siren in you.

In tete-a-tete with Neti Jolly, the founder behind XOXO

CNC: Story behind your brand

–> XOXO is the best coincidence that happened to me, a friend of mine loved the way i dressed and wanted to start a fashion line with my help. We started working on it, she moved on to a happily married life and i had become way too involved and found my true calling. Once i started work on it there has been no looking back. The response has been encouraging, motivating and tremendous.

CNC: Give us one advice to keep it stylish:
–> Add one different element to your wardrobe – whether its an accessory or hairdo or lipstick to your look, people will remember you for it and you will be unmissable, carry it off with supreme confidence.
 CNC: Naughty or Nice?
–> Naughty still nice and if i must chose then naughty over nice.
CNC: Eye Candy who Makes You drool?
 –> Ali Zafar(bollywood) , George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jn, Adam Levine , [Okay! She has our vote for having an awesome choice].
CNC: Thoughts about being a woman enterpreneur ?
–> Being a woman is tough, being an entrepreneur and together it is a deadly combination. Jokes apart – earlier i used to do a lot of fabric sourcing and running around on my own and i was discomforted with the amount of eve teasing. So apart from the safety factor being an entrepreneur is just as tough for a man or woman, I have a new found respect for anyone who runs a start up. Mostly i know it is not easy to start and set up a business from scratch – other than capital it requires a lot of time, patience, effort, self motivation and gumption and i am a member of a number of start up groups, i get along with entrepreneurs like a house on fire.  we motivate and encourage each other.
Some pictures from her collection:
                                                                        The gorgeous Founder, Neti Jolly
xoxo3xoxo9 (2)
Love her collection? Shop here: XOXO and bring out the diva in you!
Till then, keep it stylish!
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Ragini Varma
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